Status code: 734

Status code: 734

Status code: 734

Trademark Application Allowed: Fifth Extension of Time to File Statement of Use Granted

U.S. Federal Trademark Application Notice of Allowance - Fifth Extension of Statement of Use Granted

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You filed a federal trademark application. The application may have gone through various refusals that you overcame; or your application may have sailed through smoothly without any objections. Either way, the good news is that your trademark is has been published and not opposed. The trademark is ready to register, however, the mark is not yet in use. Before the registration can issue, you must put the mark into use in U.S. commerce and state use, filed together with a fee.

Your application has been allowed. Allowance is only for trademark applications based on intent to use. Applications based on actual use move from publication to registration. Applications based on intent to use do not move to registration until a statement of use is filed. The statement of use must be filed within 6 months of the notice of allowance. However, if the applicant is not prepared to state use (for example, the product or service has not yet launched and is not yet in use), then the applicant may file up to five (5) extensions of six (6) months each, extending the time to file the statement of use. Each extension filing requires a fee, and must be done prior to the deadline, or the trademark application will go abandoned. Missing the date to file the statement of use, or not filing an extension of time to file the statement of use results in abandonment.

You filed a fifth request for extension of time to file a statement of use. The request has been granted. You have extended the time to file a statement of use for 6 months. You must file your statement of use by the end of this extension term. You are only permitted five extensions of 6 months each, and this is your fifth and final extension request.

To file a statement of use go here:

The Office will review a timely filed statement of use to determine whether it meets the following minimum requirements:

(1) The fee for at least a single class, required by § 2.6 (link is external);

(2) One specimen of the mark as used in commerce;

(3) A statement that is signed and verified (sworn to) or supported by a declaration under § 2.20 (link is external) by a person properly authorized to sign on behalf of the applicant that the mark is in use in commerce. If the verification or declaration is unsigned or signed by the wrong party, the applicant must submit a substitute verification on or before the statutory deadline for filing the statement of use.

For other forms go here:

Remember that you must use each good or service listed when you state use. If you want to state use, but are not using all goods listed in your application, then delete the goods you don't use when you file the statement of use. Or file an extension so that you have an additional 6 months to state use. You can file up to 5 extensions of 6 months each.

To request an extension of time to file a statement of use go here: